10 Tools to Help You Be More Productive in the New Year

By January 12, 2015Strategy

It’s a new year, which means that increasing productivity, efficiency, and organization is top of mind for many. As marketers, there are a million things to keep on top of at once, and all of this stuff are due immediately. At the end of the workday, it can feel like we still have a day’s work ahead. Luckily, technology is there to help us alleviate some of the time constraints we have through the day.

These ten tools (and two quick tips) make it easier to work harder, faster, smarter.

This seems so impossibly simple and necessary I can’t believe it isn’t a built-in app by now. We’ve all been there: You forget to paste the first thing you need and hit command + C before you realize what you’ve done. Jumpcut saves you the stress and time having to track down the originally desired copy by keeping track of everything you’ve copied in a clean, easy list. Click on what you need again and it will automatically copy.

We’ve all know someone who is an Evernote Evangelist. On first use, Evernote might not seem like the Holy Grail of organization that people have made it out to be, but once you start using it regularly, not having it before seems like a sin. In the simplest form, Evernote allows you to save absolutely everything you may need again and sync it across all devices so you can access it from anywhere. Available add-ons include things like Evernote Hello which scans business cards or lets you enter information immediately as soon as you get it, so you never have to think about it again.

This does exactly what you would imagine: OneTab collapses all your open tabs into one tab listing easy to read links. It allows you to restore all or one tab at a time. This not only makes your browsing experience more organized, but it also helps your computer work faster.

It seems nearly impossible to have a creative team that isn’t stretched too thin. Almost every other department depends on them (or can think of something else to add to the creative team’s to-do if needed). Canva saves your entire team time by making it incredibly easy for anyone to create new assets. Upload images or pull from the thousands available, add the images to the white space and add text, shapes, or banners. It has preset sizes to make it easy to make social media assets, email banners, website creatives and so much more.

Wrike is a project management tool that is especially useful for collaborative projects. If you practice the One-Touch Rule, then you’ll probably be a fan of the stopwatch included on all tasks. Start and stop it to see how much time a project, client, or task is taking you or a fellow team member.

It’s no secret that both built-in search options on Mac and Windows leave a lot to be desired. Alfred is a search bar that allows for one-stop searching for applications, contacts, documents and even searches on Amazon, Google, and Wikipedia.

Bitium and password managers, in general, are super useful for so many reasons. The ability of admins to give application access to other members without having to share passwords is a clear advantage. The amount of time saved throughout the day when using Bitium is definitely another one. The browser extension allows for one-click sign in with the peace of mind that it is super secure.

Don’t need the information in that email today, but will in a week? Or don’t need to respond today, but do tomorrow? Boomerang has a one-click option that will temporarily archive the message, then push it back into your inbox when you need it, at whatever time you set. Additionally, you can schedule emails to go out at a later date from within the message itself.

RescueTime blocks websites of your choosing (think Facebook, Reddit) for your chosen time. It also provides reporting on productivity habits, which can be broken down by the hour to let you capitalize on the time of day when you’re most productive, or change other habits to waste less time.

This lets you annotate screenshots with easy to read edits including text, arrows, and highlights options. It’s simple but definitely faster than saving a duplicate file and opening a new editing app.

Bonus Google Tricks:

data:text/HTML, <html contenteditable>
Copy & paste this into your Chrome search bar to open a blank notepad. This works particularly well if you’re taking notes on a site you’re visiting, creating fewer windows and clutter on your computer.

Send & Archive
The send and archive button is a Gmail setting that happily made it out of Gmail Labs. Positioned next to the traditional send button, the send and archive button (once turned on) does exactly what it says: an easy one-click send and archive for emails threads that are complete to declutter your inbox without any additional effort.

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