Four Tools to Write Better Copy

Struggling to come up with new and creative copy refreshes for your site or ads? Chances are you’re overthinking it. Simplify your life, utilize one or more of these tools below and flex your revitalized copywriting skills.

A Thesaurus

I know this frustratingly simple solution comes in the same vain as “Google it.” But it’s frustrating because it’s so obvious, and it’s obvious because it works. If you have the general direction and sense of where you want your copy to go, but it’s not working for some reason, run whatever adjective, verb or noun your sentence seems to be hanging on through a thesaurus. There’s a very good chance this will lead you to your better copy either directly or indirectly through a word-based brainstorm.

Read Product Reviews

This tip comes from Joanna at (which if you write any copy of any kind, you must bookmark immediately). If you’re trying to speak to your customer, then you should speak like them. Thanks to the vast resources of the Internet, this is incredibly easy to do. Read reviews for your product on your site or third-party sites and see what customers say. If you have a new product or simply no product reviews, check Amazon for your competitors or products in the same space. Chances are the pain points being solved (or not being solved, but ones your product can) are incredible inspiration for actionable copy. Let your customers speak for you so you can speak to them.

Draft (

The web app Draft is a great place to dump your ideas, free form. It’s a super clean layout that autosaves new documents so you can open it up and unleash. I typically use it as a place to sketch out ideas, dump keywords and formulate rough drafts. It’s private and easy to access so you can write down ideas on the fly and reference them. I highly doubt I’m the only one who gets especially forgetful when brainstorming. If I don’t keep ideas in a consistent place, then I have absolutely no idea where I put them even a few hours later. Draft let’s you keep and organize them all in one place without having to open new apps or stick to margins.

Hemingway App (

This app is so powerful, it started a mini war amongst our staff as to who brought it to light in our office. Especially good for content, email and site copy, this app warns you of complex, passive or run on sentences. The premise is to write like Hemingway: to the point, powerful, essentially adverb-free. Now, this app isn’t a catchall – it doesn’t translate at all for academic jargon – but it’s helpful to see where you might be able to punch up your copy. You may or may not be the next Hemingway by the end of the edits, but isn’t it pretty to think so?

If your copy is still coming up short, do a key word brainstorm dump, walk away, come back to the page and let the words jump out at you. What you see first is the direction you should go in. If you have any questions about your site or ad copy, drop us a line.


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