4 Ways to Use Paid Search to Enhance Email Marketing


Marketing and advertising channels work best when they work together. Period. You want consistency and cohesiveness across all of your marketing strategies. You can leverage one channel of marketing to boost another. For example, here you’ll learn four ways you can use paid search advertising to benefit and grow your email marketing efforts.

Use Paid Search to Bulk up Your Email List

Eventually, you will exhaust your email list if you only message the same people. You need to constantly add people to receive your emails to make more of an impact. Through pay-per-click (PPC) you can display your advertisements to people who are actively looking for your product and services. If you’re able to gain a potential customer to click on the ad, you’ll then have the chance to obtain their email address.

Test CTAs, Promotions, and Offer Ideas on Paid Search

Experiment and test new CTAs and offers on PPC landing pages before implementing them into emails. You will be able to see how they perform, with a low risk, while simultaneously monitoring and pivoting approaches if the ad isn’t yielding positive results. If something doesn’t do well in an advertisement, you can safely assume you won’t see much more of an increase in positive outcomes through email. You’ll also be able to test out risky ideas through paid search campaigns, too. If they are successful, you’ll have all the data you need to offer it in your email campaign.

Use Email Lists to Enable Personal PPC Advertisements

As one of the most relevant and important trends in the PPC realm today, uploading your email lists will allow for custom advertisements for potential customers. This is a great way to converge email marketing and paid search that will work easily and effectively in tandem.

Test Visual Assets with Paid Search

Testing images in paid search advertisements is another easy and effective way to see what imagery resonates with which audiences; and what’s grabbing people’s attention. You can then use the images that have resonated the most with the audience in your email marketing campaigns.

It’s best to use one marketing channel to benefit another, and vise versa. If you neglect to utilize each channel your company is using for marketing, you’ll be missing out on a large chunk of potential customers, and you’ll lose current customers quicker without making your messages tailored for the specific channel, by testing it through others. For example, using Paid Search to test and try Email marketing methods.


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