Authentic Guerrilla Marketing is the Best Tactic

During the 2017 Golden Globes afterparty, the dichotomy between Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s facial expressions while eating pizza demonstrates the difference between planned and authentic content. While Kylie maintained the traditional model look by posing in the photo, Kendall expressed a more natural and relatable facial expression on how most people eat pizza. Companies who expand their brand’s comfort zone and display authentic guerrilla marketing type content through their marketing often are more connected with their audience.

What is Authentic Content?

Businesses have typically followed a traditional, planned marketing campaign where they need an X-amount of sales or need to reach X-number of people. However, the marketing world is shifting from a structured linear model to a more lateral and less tangible landscape.

Traditional marketing methods, such as banners ads and standard email campaigns, do frequently result in sales but are quickly forgotten by audiences who want something more. A campaign demonstrating authentic marketing tactics, such as highlighting user-generated content or creating original Snapchat content, around the philosophy of the organization is much more relatable and memorable because they’re being personable and putting their values before their sales.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content builds a trusted community around your brand. Instead of blasting promotions and products in your audience’s faces to simply buy, you’re encouraging them to participate and be part of something bigger. Warby Parker demonstrates how user-generated content is much more than simply encouraging followers to participate in hashtag campaigns or contests. The eyewear company has given their audience an active role in creating their story by delegating some of their brand-building responsibilities to their fans. For example, they consistently feature content created by real people, not just by influencers. Here is a post by Warby Parker from an Instagram user with less than 1,000 followers smiling in his Sea Green Crystal frames.

Original Snapchat Content

Snapchat is designed with a priority in creating original content where authenticity is encouraged. Unlike other channels, Snapchat is less about advertising or marketing and more about messaging. Warby Parker has demonstrated how to further connect with their audience through Snapchat by providing their followers with a behind-the-scenes look at day-to-day operations in the New York offices and retail shops. Here, Warby Parker gives a transparent look into their culture and values.


Authentic guerrilla marketing means listening to your audience and creating or sharing content around those voices which reflect the company’s values. Warby Parker’s opportunity to share user-generated content encourages their fans to be part their brand story as co-creators, regardless of how many followers a fan has. Another tactic to demonstrate authenticity is creating original Snapchat content, which allows a transparent view of the culture and the people of the company. Authentic guerrilla marketing is the best tactic because it creates a stronger connection with the audience when you show your values and natural, human side rather than simply promoting products.  

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