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The data gathered via loyalty programs — which offers far more insight into a customer than any third-party cookie — also benefits retailers willing to invest in mining that information for new and better ways.

Companies, especially in eCommerce, should prepare for high volumes both on their servers and for their Support Teams. Do it right and you’ll get long-term customers who will be happy with the experience you have provided and will recommend you to others.

One in four eCommerce packages get returned, on average, and return rates are expected to rise for peak season. Brands can prioritize their returns experience to better retain customers, many of whom say they abandon brands following a return experience anything less than seamless.

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As these mammoth holidays approach, you may be asking yourself…

  • What can we do to get ready for the influx of visitors?
  • How can we stand apart from competitors?
  • Why haven’t we reached our goals on these days in the past?
  • When should we start promoting our deals and offerings?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner. Now more than ever before, shoppers are buying online across industries and you want to optimize on that opportunity.

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