Coming of Age – Social Media for the Early Stage Startup

By August 31, 2017Social Media

Social media can be a great entry point for early stage startups looking to build their community and gain exposure. However, as with much else in the entrepreneurial space, you need to keep it simple and be willing to constantly iterate.

If you keep these advantages and pitfalls in mind, you can launch your first content quickly and start gauging the response.

Launching Social Campaigns Without Product:

Many startups are still refining their MVP. Others are operating within stealth until there is a case study compiled. Regardless, it is still necessary to broadcast your brand. In fact, it’s vital for gaining more funding and maintaining visibility within the local ecosystem.

If your team is pre-product—for whatever reason—focus on the problem you’re solving and the people involved. The other elements will congeal as time goes on. For now, focus on the day-to-day and don’t be afraid to show both your growing pains and the first triumphs.

Understanding When/How to Pivot:

Once your MVP has been distilled, be ready to pivot on all platforms in use. Pre-product focuses more on B2B, but once you have a clear use case this will need to be incorporated into your social messaging.

Take control of color and content – being sure to let the product take center stage. The initial testing done. Now it’s time to show your first findings.

The Importance of Quality Over Quantity:

Even once you have product, don’t feel as though you need to be pushing it constantly. Things will continue to change, so look to document the journey rather than to exaggerate your growth. It’s best not to overextend a small team if the product is in-flux. Look at it as a supplement to your pitch deck and executive summary.

Building a Company That Lasts:

Whether you’re looking for a co-founder or building your team, many potential recruits will examine your social. This is where being candid and showing your growth can be vital. VC’s also often appreciate the inside view. A degree of transparency can be interesting and refreshing – so long as it doesn’t comprise the project itself.

Let’s Get Started:

A good starting point is to set aside a few key points in your week to post. Try to line it up with project end dates or meetings. This way you will have something new and exciting to share with your audience. Don’t expect huge results immediately, but continue to scale your social efforts alongside the rest of the business. Be candid and hungry, the attention will follow.

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