3 Ways to Optimize Your Amazon Strategy for Maximum Conversions

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Amazon is the world’s second-largest internet retailer (and the largest in the US) thanks in large part to the fact that it allows individual sellers, from startups to major brands, to create their own storefronts on the platform. Amazon can be a great revenue-driving channel for your brand if you optimize these three things:

1 – Product Descriptions

In order to make sure your products are properly positioned for the best organic ranking in Amazon searches, determine which search terms are most relevant and have the highest conversion rate for your brand’s product offering. Align your product titles, descriptions, and key feature points with those search terms to improve. Not only will this improve your products’ organic ranking in relevant searches, but it will also make for a better customer experience when they view your products.

2 – Enhanced Content

Amazon enables sellers to create a branded ecommerce portal. Known as a storefront, this portal gives you the ability to showcase your brand with various consumer-facing content options (Storefront, A+, and Enhanced Brand Content). Use eye-catching imagery and messaging in your brand voice that together convey your brand’s unique story and value props. Turning your storefront into a branded experience establish a deeper connection with potential customers, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

3 – Paid Media

Once your inventory descriptions and storefront content are buttoned up, you can begin to plan your paid media strategy. Targeted product or storefront ads are a great way to increase brand awareness on the Amazon platform. The best way to do this is with a simple Beta/Alpha campaign structure. Begin with a set of discovery campaigns, known as beta campaigns, to determine which campaigns perform best. Move these top-performing keywords from the Beta group to the Alpha group as exact-match keywords and scale spend.

In Conclusion

Focusing on paid media, alone, to scale customer acquisition can be effective. But investing time in optimizing product descriptions and storefront content will maximize the money you invest in paid acquisition.

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