About The Position

This Junior Designer position at Hawke Media is the ultimate jumpstart your career needs to get you working within the agency lifestyle. Designers at Hawke work in a fast-paced environment, managing a wide range of clients. This diverse client-facing workload is an amazing opportunity to boost-start your portfolio, quickly gain technical and professional skills, and gain the experience needed to succeed in any digital marketing role out there. This position is not only a learning opportunity but a relevant chance to get some of that agency experience “gold” under your belt.


You will work with senior management and cross-functional team members to design and implement new features and improve/optimize the customer experience. This role will work on font-end web design edits to HTML/CSS, email design, client-facing, branding brainstorming, and more. You will work across channels including but not limited to integrating and troubleshooting email campaigns, SEO, SEM, influencer and content marketing, social media, and more.


You will collaborate with the Creative director and department managers for a multitude of brands with a focus on web conversions. Be open to direct mentorship from other team members. You must be able to work efficiently with Adobe software as well as web platforms such as Shopify and WordPress.

Skills & Expertise

  • Strong HTML and CSS skills.
  • UX & UI knowledge and interest
  • You’re ready to learn “by doing” rather than watching on the sidelines.
  • Theme Manipluation in WordPress, Shopify, Drupal and/or Magento. Portfolio preferred.
  • Uses of custom written JavaScript or strong familiarity with different libraries (if job interest leans towards Web Development.
  • A firm grasp of SEO / SEM best practices
  • Graphic design knowledge and interest
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred; work experience equivalent acceptable
  • Possess excellent written and verbal communication.
  • Possess creativity, flexibility, variety, and growth potential.
  • Should be open-minded, a fast learner, enthusiastic, and adaptable.
  • Previous experience in a “jack/jill-of-all-trades” roll with limited supervision.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, team environment.
  • A cool person to be around.
  • Please include a URL to a site or sites you have built and/or your Personal Portfolio Website.

How To Apply

Fill out the form below, and provide any relevant examples of work that would help validate your experience and ability to fulfill the position:

About Hawke Media

Founded in 2013, Hawke Media is based in Santa Monica, CA. Recently named as a Top 10 Happy Place to Work, and the fastest growing digital marketing agency in Los Angeles, Hawke Media is a leading outsourced CMO and marketing agency. Featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, INC, Business Insider, CNN and boasting clients such as Red Bull, Verizon, Evite (and many, many more). Hawke is a collective of experts in high growth, performance, and brand-focused digital marketing, specializing in customer acquisition for eCommerce brands.


Hawke is passionate about marketing and unlocking hidden opportunities to accelerate growth in companies. We’re assembling a tightly knit collective of extraordinarily talented peers, while maintaining the pursuit of impact and revenue goals typical of larger enterprises. We are looking for exceptional people to join us in that mission.