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  • Overhaul disorganized website with a full redesign on Shopify+
  • Develop brand voice and improve messaging around value props to expand target demographic and acquire new customers
  • 30, 60, and 90-day retargeting campaigns testing different messaging
  • Activate and grow previously unused email list with automated nurturing and retention email series, as well as weekly email campaigns with rich, informative, entertaining content

The Details

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Emotiva is best known for their high-end audio systems and speakers that are so affordably priced they’ve never had to run a sale. The company manufactures all of its own products in the US and puts a particular emphasis on customer service. These are just a few reasons they’ve built a robust and loyal following among consumers, despite being a lesser known company in an industry of big-name competitors. But, relying entirely on word of mouth, Emotiva wasn’t seeing the revenue growth one might expect with such a strong customer base. In a classic case of Hawke developing a comprehensive plan to drive massive growth in a short timeframe, our strategists diagnosed website issues and recognized the opportunity to introduce Facebook advertising and email marketing to help Emotiva scale revenues.

Emotiva’s website backend was organized in a way that gave complete control of the site to their prior agency. We performed a full redesign on the Shopify+ platform, drastically improving UX while giving Emotiva the ability to make easy updates long after we were finished. We built category pages with custom elements that better leveraged content to inform consumers about the products, added easily accessible user manuals and firmware updates, and installed an email capture popup to grow the mailing list.

With a new site in place, we ran Facebook ad campaigns that incorporated new messaging that better demonstrated the value customers get for such a high quality product at Emotiva’s price point in order to expand the customer demographic beyond audiophiles. Additionally, our Facebook advertising experts developed a unique series of 30, 60, and 90 day retargeting campaigns, testing different value props. Three months in, Emotiva was earning a whopping 621% ROAS, with CPAs steadily decreasing 83% in two months.

Emotiva had built a sizable email list prior to engaging Hawke, but had never taken advantage of it. As increased web traffic from Facebook ads grew the list faster than ever before, we built out automated nurturing and retention campaigns finally activate the list. We then developed weekly email campaigns featuring rich, informative, entertaining content that drove open rates and CTRs roughly 3x industry standard. Within three months, these email sends were consistently generating an ROI of approximately 500%.


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