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Case Study

Mr. PeePad

Mr. Pee Pad revolutionizes pet care with its innovative puppy pads featuring built-in drawstrings for hands-free, mess-free disposal and a multi-layer ultra-absorbing design for ultimate cleanliness and convenience.


Mr. PeePad, a pioneering brand revolutionizing pet care, sought to establish a strong market presence through an effective digital marketing strategy. Recognizing the need for a robust online identity, they engaged Hawke Media to develop a comprehensive approach leveraging social media, paid advertising, and web strategy. Our services team, focusing on organic social growth, aimed to amplify Mr. PeePad’s visibility and transform interested viewers into loyal customers.


Mr. PeePad faced the classic challenge of a new brand trying to make its mark in a crowded market. Despite its innovative product, the brand struggled with low visibility and engagement on social media. Starting with just 84 impressions and 16 engagements, Mr. PeePad needed a strategic overhaul to increase brand awareness, drive social media engagement, and ultimately convert this online buzz into sales. Compounding the challenge was the delay in launching their website, which meant that initial gains in social media traction could not be immediately funneled into sales.


To address Mr. PeePad’s challenges, our team crafted a multi-faceted strategy focusing on three key areas: organic social growth, paid social campaigns, and social media management. The goals were clear:

  1. Organic Social Growth: Develop and implement a content calendar filled with engaging, relatable, and shareable content to organically grow Mr. PeePad’s social media presence.
  2. Paid Social Campaigns: Design targeted paid advertising campaigns to reach a broader audience, leveraging detailed audience segmentation and appealing ad creatives.
  3. Social Media Management: Actively manage Mr. PeePad’s social media accounts to maintain a consistent brand voice, engage with followers, and respond promptly to comments and messages.


The execution of our strategy involved several key steps:

  1. Content Creation and Calendar: Our team created a series of engaging posts, including user-generated content, pet care tips, and interactive polls, to foster community engagement. We scheduled these posts to ensure a steady stream of content that kept Mr. PeePad top of mind.
  2. Targeted Advertising: We launched paid social campaigns across major platforms, using precise targeting to reach pet owners who were most likely to be interested in Mr. PeePad’s products. This included A/B testing various ad creatives and messaging to determine the most effective approach.
  3. Engagement and Community Building: By actively managing Mr. PeePad’s social media accounts, we ensured timely responses to comments and messages, which helped build a loyal online community. This real-time interaction was crucial in maintaining momentum and interest in the brand.
  4. Adjustments and Pivots: Given the delayed website launch, we pivoted our strategy to focus on building anticipation and collecting potential customer data through social media engagement and email sign-ups.


  • Increased Impressions

  • Increased Engagement