Facebook and Search Ads Pair Up to Scale Revenues

The Results

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Increased Revenue


Increased Transactions


Facebook ROI


Google ROI


The Bullets

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Hawke Media Channels
  • Strategy
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google AdWords
Our Solutions
  • Launched rewards program to boost customer interest
  • Implemented Amazon Pay on site to facilitate conversions
  • Facebook lookalike audiences based on past purchasers
  • Instagram story ads
  • Branded, non-branded and Google Shopping search campaigns
  • Dynamic search campaigns

The Details

(the devil’s in here, somewhere)

When an industry-leading organic superfood supplement wholesaler approached us to grow revenues, our strategists put together a plan to expand their direct-to-consumer business by acquiring new customers through social and search ads.

Without any prior campaigns to go off, we researched the strategies of other players in this fiercely competitive space to develop an even more effective, holistic ecommerce strategy that avoided damaging the brand’s reputation with aggressive advertising. Keeping an eye on-site metrics, we made sure our content was hitting relevant customers, not just inflating traffic. We also implemented a rewards program to increase retention, as well as Amazon Pay for more fluid transacting, both of which boosted conversions.

Without a photography budget, our Social Media Advertising experts were limited when it came to creative assets. Still, our team was able to earn a 500% ROAS while doubling spend and keeping CPAs consistent by identifying Facebook lookalike audiences based on past purchasers, while leveraging the client’s Instagram followers for lookalike audiences and capitalizing on the engagement offered by Instagram story ads.

Meanwhile, our Google specialists created branded search campaigns to combat the fact that competitors were bidding on searches for the client’s name. We also boldly reached out to those very same competitors to align strategies against retailers’ discount-oriented advertising, which was hurting everyone’s business. Alongside strategies focused on quality score and bidding for campaigns around the client’s ten best-selling products, we ran dynamic search campaigns to capture queries around other products, carefully planning ad copy to comply with Google’s strict policies for this industry. Our branded, non-branded, and shopping campaigns earned a 279% ROAS while doubling spend and keeping CPAs consistent (sound familiar?).

Over six months, our ad campaigns grew on-site transactions by 50%, while boosting revenue by 126%.

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