Hawke Strategy Launches TennisPAL App and Grows Users

Hawke Strategy Launches TennisPAL App and Grows Users

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Hawke Media Channels
  • Strategy
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Apple App Store Ads
  • Email
Our Solutions
  • Detailed SWOT analysis
  • Multi-channel user growth plan
  • Tactical search campaigns with multiple audiences
  • Dynamic Facebook audience testing
  • Apple app store ad campaign
  • Email list analysis
  • Foundational email templates

The Details

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After launching a unique mobile platform connecting the tennis community by pairing people up with a tennis partner based on location and skill set, TennisPAL™ came to Hawke to differentiate themselves. As a brand new app in a sea of millions scrambling for user growth, TennisPAL™ needed help developing its brand voice and acquiring downloads.

Hawke crafted a highly targeted tactical acquisition campaign that is still in place today. After identifying appropriate target markets and completing a detailed SWOT analysis, Hawke strategists prepared a rich channel plan that considered both digital and offline channels, including TV, radio and print.

Hawke launched a combination of tactical SEM campaigns targeting multiple audiences, Apple App Store ads, and paid social campaigns using dynamic audience testing and segmenting, as well targeted use of performance analytics to identify key areas of opportunity. Optimizing over time, Hawke was able to decrease the cost per install (CPI) by 70% since launch. By supporting user acquisition campaigns with an email strategy that included list analysis and the creation of foundational templates, Hawke helped TennisPAL™ earn 125x user growth.

TennisPAL™ has cultivated key user hubs in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Florida. As one of the largest networks of tennis players, fans, and enthusiasts, the app has been featured on television and in sports magazines. It is also a regular sponsor of tennis events, conferences, and local leagues, including the Women’s Tennis Coaches Association (WTCA).


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