“Catch ‘Em All” or “Catch New Opportunities” with Pokemon GO

If you’ve been questioning whether or not to jump on the Pokemon GO bandwagon, then stop and jump on because if the stats are any indication, the wildly popular app is a tool you’ll want to include in your marketing strategy.

Some quick highlights:

  • Pokemon GO had more usage each day in its first week (75 minutes per day) than Facebook (35 minutes per day), according to Forbes.
  • On a recent Monday, nearly 6% of all US-based Android users were running Pokemon GO, compared to only 3.6% running Netflix, according to Fortune.
  • Within three days of being released, Pokemon GO had more users than Twitter and Tinder, according to Gizmodo.

As you can see, Pokemon GO isn’t just a popular app, it’s probably where your potential customers are spending their time these days. While in-app display ads aren’t available at this time, you’ll have to get creative with your advertising efforts.

Here are three examples of how businesses have updated their marketing strategy and learned how to make Pokemon Go work for them:

  • Take advantage of nearby Pokestops: If you’re lucky enough to be situated near a Pokestop, you’re in luck. These are hotspots in the game that draw a lot of users. Pokestops allow user to gather items, gain experience points, and, with the use of a lure, draw in more Pokemon.

    Capitalize on your location, but either placing lures to draw in more users and/or offering a discount for app users. Lures cost as little as $1.19 per hour. In New York City, L’inizio Pizza Bar invested $10 in lures, which led to a 30 percent increase in food and drink sales throughout the weekend. (Source)
  • Put in some gym time: Like Pokestops, Gyms are scattered across the map and are a gathering place for many user since they allow for Pokemon training and battles. Again, if your business is located near a gym, then you can take advantage the same way you would a Pokestop, or you can take your business to the gym.

    As an experiment, business expert Brian Roemmele urged five food trucks to set up shop around a local gym. What happened? They saw a 7,000 percent increase in business. (Source)
  • Join forces to offer incentives: If you want to get in on the action, but aren’t sure how to start, enlist other nearby businesses to join you. This could be something as simple as offering discounts when user check-in on social media at your locations, encouraging users to post photos of Pokemon at your location for a free item, or offer specials as part of a Pokemon Crawl.

    Cocktail membership app Froth joined forces with three bars in New York City to host a Pokemon Crawl. Users could go from stop to stop taking advantage of lures and drink specials specifically for those on the crawl. (Source)

And this may just be the beginning since the CEO of Niantic (Pokemon GO’s parent company) hinted that in the future, there may be opportunities to sponsor locations, according to Fortune.

So, whether you believe Pokemon GO is the best app ever, or just a passing fad, it’s clear that taking advantage of ways to gain traction and traffic can yield some very real results.

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