Content is Queen (and King): Digital marketing strategies

As new customer acquisition methods are introduced and existing strategies continue to change the one constant in digital marketing is CONTENT. Content is Queen and King and will continue to be forever and ever…and ever.

Here are some helpful tips on how to build out your strategy:

Consistent Voice

This applies to 99% of businesses. Speak with a consistent voice! Your emails should have the same voice as your website and social content. Brands, now more than ever, interact with customers in a way that needs to be engaging, interesting and appealing to their target audience.

Good Content

This may sound like a “DUH” comment, but, way too often text is posted to social sites or emailed out to meticulously curated lists without much thought put into the actual information itself. Take time to establish what your message is and why it relates to your user base. At the end of the day, a sure fire way to keep customers in your orbit is to continuously provide them with useful and insightful content. Good content is not passed over in a Facebook news feed…it’s clicked on.

Organic Traffic

A well built out blog with meaningful content should provide your site with organic traffic over time. Some of the best performing blog posts of our clients tend to be “explainer” articles. Google is used to answering questions and if you can provide the answers people will follow. (Field of Dreams hit the nail on the head before Google was around!)


Not all content has to be article based information. Test and mix various kinds of information to see which is stickiest and you’ll discover what works best for your followers. Infographics, images, videos and interactive surveys (Buzzfeed does a great job with this!) are all commonly used forms of media that convert well. Additionally, sites with a Youtube hosted video have a 50x higher chance of landing on the first page of Google results than similar sites with no video.

Strategic Landing Pages

When using content to drive traffic to your site ensure the page you are driving readers to is optimized for it. For example: if you are a marketing agency and you post an article on Facebook with the headline “5 Free Ways To Increase Website Traffic” make sure the core content on that page reflects that. Driving people to a page promoting your business will surely drive people away and sour your brand in their mind.

TLDR: Content is Queen and King. Keep it consistent, keep it informative, keep it simple, be smart!

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