Content Marketing Tips for 2016

This time of year it is common for B2B to take a back seat to B2C. All eyes are on the B2C world until Christmas. However, lead generation marketers know that Q1 lead flow can be a make or break for B2B clients.

Next year 76% of B2B marketers plan to generate more content. However, an issue lies in the content marketing strategy. It seems like every year businesses flirt with content marketing but always come up short.

The sad truth is that most marketers fail to generate sufficient quality and engaging content that resonates with B2B prospects. Usually this is due to a general lack of understanding of the value of such content; and how to leverage it to drive quality website traffic, generating better sales leads.

In 2016 it will be vital for B2B marketers to hone their content marketing strategies.

Here are a few content marketing tips perfect for 2016:

Create 2016 Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is about developing engaging content that gets distributed across all online marketing channels to bring new prospects into your sales lead funnel. Hubspot offers a number of content marketing guides.

Content marketing strategy is identifying the content that will help prospects make an informed buying decision. This means businesses matching content to each step of the buying decision making cycle. The ultimate goal is to pull website visitors to consume content and then raise their hands to become quality sales leads.

Pursue A Big Rock Content Marketing Concept

Although the “Big Rock” content marketing approach has been around for years most B2B companies still mess it up. Big Rock is all about slicing one long form content into easily digestible short form content pieces to be consumed through all available marketing channels.

Understand True Content Marketing Goals

The goal here is to generate a lead by using short form to bring prospects to the website where they need to pass through a “gate” to get the larger, most robust long form contents. Typical website visitors will have to give their business email address and/or company information to pass through the “gate.” The key to any lead generation effort is email collection and email database monetization.

How Marketers Can Get Clever

Smart marketers understand the value of hitting website visitors with an incentivized email capture light-box and retargeting cookie.

As they pass through the “gate,” marketers attach personas and drop prospects into lead nurturing workflows. Upon exiting the website each prospect should get hit with an Exit Intent pop-up to gather more information on each prospect.

All of this will give marketers an opportunity to maximize leads and to study each lead generated. From this a lead scorecard can be created from all KPIs.

Assigning Persona’s To Leads

Creating and assigning personas to each lead is the best way to set up a lead nurturing campaign. Each persona has a specific personalized email nurturing plan. The goal here is to pull leads through the sales funnel to enable a sales team to prioritize the follow-up process.

Why Analytics is Important

Analytics will tell us a story of where these leads came from, which content attracted them, how they consumed it and which leads turned into sales. The data is a marketer’s best friend and will help to drive high-quality leads each quarter.

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