4 Ways to Get Creative With Your Instagram Grid

By April 26, 2017Social Media

With 500 million active monthly users on Instagram that share an average of 95 million photos and videos each day, it’s easy to get lost in the social media noise. And with new algorithms leading to a decline in organic social media engagement, it’s even harder to reach your followers. However, there are ways to stand out. Here are four ways to get creative with your Instagram grid:

1. Pick a filter or editing approach

Lauren Conrad is notorious for this. Every photo has this warm, dreamy feeling to it because she uses the same types of tones and warmth on each image. This gives your grid a sense of consistency and also prompts the viewer to recognize your photo when it’s mixed in with other photos on their feed since they know your images all have that same look and feel.

2. Play with whitespace

Whitespace, usually in the form of a quote or graphic, is a great way to break up your Instagram grid. Even though Instagram is a visual medium, quotes and whitespace tend to do well because it can be unexpected. Additionally, using white space strategically, such as M Y S I M P L E G R A M which posts a quote on a white background every third post, will provide a fun pattern to your overall grid.

3. The new rule of thirds

Another way to have fun with your Instagram grid is to follow the rule of thirds, that is to post three photos in a row. You can either break a larger image up into three separate posts, similar to Andrew Andrawes’s grid.  This Instagram grid tutorial will help you create a seamless and beautiful album. You can also post the same image three times or three images from the same series, which is what Chris McMillan (celeb hairstylist to the likes of Jennifer Aniston) does on his grid.

4. Tell a running story

My all-time favorite Instagram grid is for the Netflix TV show The OA because it tells a running story. Every single photo from the beginning to the most recent blends into the next set to create one seamless image as you scroll through the grid. This is a huge undertaking and takes a lot of creative planning in advance, but the result is a visually stunning story.

How you get creative with your Instagram grid will depend on your audience. For instance, if you’re a lifestyle brand, you’ll probably want to use the same filter or edits each time to create a “feeling” around your brand. However, if you’re a fitness or health and wellness brand, using quotes (these could be motivational sayings, health tips, etc.) might be of interest to your viewers.

No matter what you choose to do on your Instagram grid, just make sure you’re creating high-quality photos that your audience wants to see—and like!

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