How the Creative Lifecycle Leads to a Successful Online Presence

By December 16, 2016Creative

When onboarding a new client, it’s vital to help them understand the importance of their brand and the creative lifecycle and where they stand.  For those who are trying to guess what a creative lifecycle is within the context of this blog, let me help you understand how I use this term.

For example, a client comes to an agency with the thought in their mind that they are ready to go online with their business.  Recognizing the stage of where they stand with their brand is critical to creating a good online presence.  If a business has a big idea but no logo, no identity, and overall no vibe for their business, you need to take a step back and help them understand the importance of their brand and identity prior to going online.  This example puts the company at the earliest stage of the Creative Lifecycle.

As a brand architect, I cannot preach enough about how important a business’s image style, look, and feel will be when you go online.  Being successful online is all about creating a unique look for your business and setting yourself apart from your competitors.  There are so many options as to how sites can look and function overall.  Without a unique brand, your business will blend in with the rest of the average ideas.

Now that I have given you a brief example here is a list of the stages of the Creative Lifecycle:

  1. The Big Idea Come up with your brand’s plan and don’t forget it. Think big.
  2. Find Out Who You Are – Spend a few months with your team working to create the best identity for the brand. Create mood boards, style guides, isolate your brand fonts and logos into their best practices, dial in your photo and what the style of those images will be.  This will give you the opportunity to come up with something no one has ever seen. Bounce your ideas around the room and isolate the best concepts and stories that the team develops.
  3. Going Online – Once you find yourself with a brand identity you are stoked about, you will find yourself ready to take your brand to the next level and into the public eye. Using what you and your team built during the second stage of the creative lifecycle will help you create a successful website.
  4. Create Your Marketing Funnel – When you find yourself online and asking yourself what’s next, it can be hard to figure out how to grow your business. But at Hawke Media, we use a specific model that helps expand e-commerce brands from just an online store and has grown business after business. Making sure your search engine optimization (SEO) is strong is important for organic search. You can meta tag all your SKUs and images, but doing an SEO boost won’t hurt either.  Using email marketing to retain your customers and inform new ones is a huge opportunity to create a sticky brand. It also lets you mass update your customers, offer incentives, announce new products, or simply show off your brand.  Aligning Facebook and display advertisements will drive traffic to your site, and it will give you a chance to capture those contacts using popups and forms. Additionally, the data you gain will help you learn about your customers, who is buying, and who you should really be targeting.
  5. Influencer – When your brand has found some traction but still needs a public boost, jumping into the influence realm will help you expand your social media presence.  Using influencers can create great brand awareness.  Some influencers can reach hundreds to thousands of people with a single post.
  6. Let It Run – Once you have your shop set up and your brand growing, you will find yourself looking into what you can improve and how you can create an even more unique brand.  Have fun with the growth and don’t fix what you’ve built if it’s not broken.

These steps will help you take your brand from the creative lifecycle to online in no time. When you’re ready to go online and start building your audience, we’re happy to help at Hawke Media.

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