The Importance of Creativity in Social Media Marketing

By May 2, 2017Creative

Social media has been undoubtedly the largest disruptor in the world of marketing. Being able to put out content to millions of people at little cost puts things on a whole new level for how media is viewed and converted into sales.

Since modern large-scale social media has been invented, we have seen a multitude of tools and techniques advance. While these techniques will always change and evolve, one thing will always be the cornerstone of successful social media campaigns: Media.

The reason why media is so important is that viewers engage with it more than any other type of post. Engaging potential customers with your brand will rarely come solely from wistful writings or links navigating to non-social media websites.

Running successful campaigns constantly involves creativity in social media. Creativity does not come overnight. Creativity does not come from doing the same thing over and over again. Creativity comes from trying new things and learning from those experiences; whether the experiences are positive or negative.

For example, if your brand mainly posts photos, try to go out of your comfort zone and create an interactive video or a GIF that visually pops out of the page. Something as different as this has the potential to gather more attention from your audience because it is different from what they typically see from your posts. If you’re having trouble engaging customers, try using carousel posts. These types of posts can help tell the story of your brand. If the first slide is eye catching, the beauty of carousel ads is that it forces interested viewers to interact with your advertisement, possibly leading to further engagement and potential conversion.

The one thing that cannot be stressed enough about social media is the importance of posting consistently. Consistency helps customers and potential customers see that you are in touch with them and want to be a part of their lifestyle. While consistency is important, it is also important to not over-post. Over-posting can lead to customer dissonance if they feel they are being targeted too often.

So what are the key takeaways? Do everything in your power to stand out and harness creativity in social media. Try new things. Create content that is unique and provide styles that captivate and engage your audience.

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