3 Extraordinary Ways in Which Disruptive YouTube Guerrilla Marketing Won Our Hearts and Wallets

By March 24, 2017Strategy

Traditional marketing is nothing more than an overly expensive tool propagandists use to fling certain brands out there for consumers to happily indulge in.

Guerrilla marketing, however, is a no-nonsense (well, maybe some), cost-effective, magical concoction that helps spread brand awareness thanks to tongue-in-cheek campaigns and extraordinary word-of-mouth impressions.

Below are some of the best disruptive YouTube guerrilla marketing strategies conjured up by the sickest minds in the marketing industry:

No. 3 – Carrie 2013 Campaign

Carrie White is a character whose past antics made her infamous enough to be remembered even less than half a century after. Thinkmodo took it upon themselves to both wow the audience and stun the unsuspecting ‘victims’ in a public-guerrilla-prank-turned-video that hit 67 million views on YouTube as of 2017. While the movie they were promoting proved less than what was bargained for, Thinkmodo’s disruptive campaign stole our hearts (both figuratively and literally) and made us ponder if telekinesis was indeed, as advertised by them, real.

No. 2 – LG Ultra Reality 2013

Whether fake or not, LG’s TV prank-o-mercial is hilarious, terrifying and disruptive as all hell. In it, Spanish-speaking interviewees arrive in hopes to land their dream job—only to find permanent meteor Apocalypse mere moments later.

No. 1 – Rings Campaign 2016

Another disruptive TV prank courtesy of Paramount and company, the unconventional Rings campaign racked up 8 million hits on YouTube and counting. As prospects are introduced to the latest technology of TV screens, a living, breathing Samara Morgan pops up from underneath and scares the bejesus out of people who in turn don’t wait long to get the hell out of Dodge even before the prank develops fully. A nice way to spend your afternoon…

Bonus: Epic Fail, or was it?

Sometimes, guerrilla marketing strategies can backfire in the most epic of ways. Back in 2007 when Myspace and Cartoon Network were all the rage, the cartoon, well, network, went on and hired two artists Peter and Sean to mount and install LED silhouettes of certain “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” characters named Err and Ignignot. The campaign proved too much to handle for Boston citizens and ended up waking up the city’s bomb squad from years of slumber. Peter and Sean were sent to jail, while the agency behind it all—Turner Broadcasting—issued an official apology to anyone who found themselves upset or otherwise. Needless to say, Peter and Sean’s website zebbler is still up and running to this day.

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