Dynamic Keyword Insertion For Google AdWords

Dynamic keyword insertion is a Google AdWords feature that allows you (the advertiser) to customize an ad to a search engine user’s unique search query. In essence, you are creating a “fill in the blank” for a user’s search query and dynamically updating the text in your ad copy to reflect this search query. This is done by including at least one of the keywords the user searched for. The point? To show searchers an ad that is more relevant with copy updated in real-time to include the user’s search query. Dynamic keyword insertion is important for ad campaigns because it has the capability to increase click-through rate (CTR) if executed properly. It also enables you to create ads that contain ad copy that is specific to what the user searched for. The following are the benefits of utilizing the dynamic keyword insertion feature in your next AdWords campaign.

1) Potential for Higher Ad Relevancy

Since ads are dynamically updated to include a user’s search query, your ads become more relevant to the topic being searched. As an example, let’s say you sell fruit candies (example keyword targets could be: fruit candy, sugar-free fruit candy, gourmet fruit candy, etc.). By implementing dynamic keyword insertion (Headline: Buy {KeyWord: Candy}), a user that searched for “sugar-free candy” may be served a text ad impression that reads “Buy Sugar-Free Candy”. Due to the 25 character headline limit, if the keyword that a user searches is too long, then the ad will revert back to the default headline. In this example, the search would populate without the keyword inside the brackets: “Buy Candy.”

2) Increased Click-Though Rates

If a search query matches wording in ads, Google will automatically bold it, which makes your ad pop more. It can also prime a searcher to click-through a text ad when the ad reflects the exact search query they entered.

3) Better Quality Scores

Better quality scores can lead to stronger cost-per-clicks, ad positions, and lower overall acquisition costs. A great way to raise quality score is to focus on ad relevancy. You can do this by implementing dynamic keyword insertion into your AdWords campaigns. This way, you can ensure your ads are directly relevant to a user’s search term.

4) Improved Efficiency

With dynamic keyword insertion, you can easily create a variety of unique ads for a plethora of different keywords. As opposed to creating multiple ad groups and ads that reflect a variety of keyword targets and match types, just go with the dynamic insertion route. Trust me.

Utilizing the dynamic keyword insertion feature in your next AdWords campaign can be a great way to improve your click-through rates, quality scores, and can save you time and effort. If you’re new to dynamic keyword insertion, I recommend testing a small portion of your account budget so you can understand the ebb and flow before betting the house on this feature.


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