E-Commerce DUI: Driving Under the Influencer

By June 30, 2017Strategy

If you haven’t heard the buzz surrounding influencer marketing lately, it’s time to have your vitals checked. Influencers provide one of the most effective ways to cut through the monotonous online chaos and actually reach your desired audience, ideally resulting in a lift in site traffic and an increase in sales.

Because of the ever-increasing price points demanded by social media’s most influential individuals, influencer marketing is naturally a high-risk, high-reward approach to driving e-commerce sales. To make sure you stay between the lines with your influencer strategy, it’s important to do your homework.

For every successful influencer story, there is a slew of Dumpster Fyres (umm, I mean fires). So how do you know if influencer marketing is the right play for your business? Below are a handful of questions you should know the answers to before getting behind the wheel with an influencer. After all, finding the right influencer can be harder than reciting the alphabet backward.

  • What are the influencer’s personal interests?
  • How engaged are the influencer’s followers?
    • This is often more important than the number of followers
    • Check their comments, see if they respond to fans in a timely matter. Also, make sure the bulk of their comments are coming from fans and not skewed by too many responses.
  • Evaluate the type of comments their fans/followers make on posts. For example, if you sell skincare and beauty products, are the fans/followers asking the influencer where they can buy the beauty products they use?
  • Do the influencer’s followers/fans fit into your primary target market?
  • Does the influencer truly fit your brand? The synergy between an influencer and a brand is of the utmost importance.

If you’ve done your due diligence and are ready to embark on a fruitful influencer strategy, it’s wise to team up with an agency that has direct ties to a pool of dependable influencers. At Hawke Media, our influencer team will help your e-commerce brand find the right influencer strategy, negotiate contracts, and manage deliverables and execution. The road to success can be windy and unpredictable. Buckle up and let an influencer help guide you to your final destination… success!

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