Striking a Balance Between Email and Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is commonly associated with quirky, offline marketing practices that quickly increase awareness for a brand and drive conversions. There are plenty of studies proving its effectiveness when done right. However, in the age of digital marketing, where people are glued to their desktop and mobile devices, there’s an opportunity to blend the two components.

Here are some ways you can incorporate email and guerrilla marketing to grow your business:

Grow Your Email List

Utilizing email captures on your website, like JustUno or SumoMe, is an excellent way to build your subscriber list. However, you’re limiting your potential if you’re sitting back and waiting for people to come to your website. If you’re determined to grow your list, get those emails yourself!

MailChimp includes a valuable feature called MailChimp Subscribe. Using your iPad, you can collect email addresses in person at a storefront, conference, or wacky guerilla marketing event. The best part is you don’t have to be connected to the internet. MailChimp’s subscribe feature can store the information offline then import them to corresponding lists once connected to the internet.

Be Like Chubbies Shorts

A key aspect of guerrilla marketing is getting people to talk about your brand. Chubbies Shorts is an excellent example of that. When they goofed by sending an email to their entire list without a link, they didn’t panic (maybe they did, I don’t know). They responded with an email that got even more people talking.

And ahead of the Super Bowl, they created a campaign dubbed ‘The Official Chubbies Superb Owl Squares Game.’ Then they shared the goofy image below in their weekly newsletter. In sum, do weird shit. It gets people like me to talk about it, which gets people like you to read about it.

Bonus – Share That Shit

Are you sending awesome emails? If the answer is no, read our blog about reevaluating your email marketing strategy. If the answer is yes, which it should be, include links in your email prompting people to ‘forward to a friend.’ Get creative and say something along the lines of, ‘Hey, your best friend would enjoy the shit out of this. Share it now.’ And if you care to go above and beyond, include Twitter and Facebook links to articles in your email, if applicable.

As you can see, guerrilla marketing isn’t just limited to flash mobs and street art. There are ways you can incorporate email and guerrilla marketing to get the benefits of both worlds!

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