Email Marketing Campaign Checklist: Establishing Your Foundation

By September 2, 2016Email Marketing

Imagine there is a whole audience of people who are interested in your business, visit your website regularly, and want to learn more about your products. But if you’re not able to engage with them one-on-one, how would you reach them? Through an email marketing campaign!

The main goal of a successful email marketing campaign is to capture each of those visitors and funnel them into a series of emails that provide value, tell a unique story, and grow their interest in your brand.

You can easily collect new subscribers by installing an email sign up form that pops up on your website and prompts new visitors to subscribe. It is highly recommended to offer an incentive (usually a percentage off their first purchase or free shipping) that entices them to sign up. Most Email Service Providers (ESP) provide a form, but it is better to integrate a third party platform since they’ll include other options, such as A/B split testing, detailed analytics, and complex behavior trigger settings.

I’ve setup my email capture and my ESP – What’s next?

Your first objective is to set up your Onboarding or “Welcome” drip. This is a series of automated emails that are triggered when someone signs up. The goal is to welcome the customer, follow up on the incentive, introduce them to the brand, and ultimately usher them further down the sales funnel.

The next email in the funnel is a product overview that touches on the brand’s unique value propositions and highlights key categories. Always send this email around 24 hours after sign up to keep content fresh in their mind.

Finally, end the welcome drip with a social media or blog themed email that highlights the value of your content and encourages them to engage with your brand across all channels. This is usually sent about three to four days after sign-up.

Remember, this plan is not set in stone, and every company is different. You can always switch it up or add any information you feel necessary to communicate to your new subscribers.

Action Triggered Emails

The last step in setting up a strong foundation for your email marketing campaign is implementing abandoned cart emails. Abandoned cart emails are triggered when a customer is shopping on your website, adds an item(s) to their cart, and then leaves the browser or site without purchasing. The ESP can track their email address through cached cookies, if they signed up for an account in the past, or if they entered an email at the beginning of the checkout process.

Two emails should be designed for this series. The first is typically sent out two to four hours after the cart is abandoned and serves as an initial reminder of the exact items they left behind. The second email should go out 24 hours after abandonment and serves as a final effort to complete the sale and usually offers a time sensitive offer (i.e. “Purchase in 12 hours with code SAVEME to receive FREE SHIPPING on your order!”).

These foundational emails are evergreen and fire consistently to nurture your subscribers into loyal customers. Now that you have this email marketing campaign in place, you can focus your efforts on more unique, promotional emails sent out weekly to engage your customers and keep the retention flowing.

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