Why Your Email Marketing Strategy Needs Simple Emails

By January 25, 2017Email Marketing

Today’s shopper behavior requires a simpler and smoother shopping experience for e-commerce businesses to generate an increase in conversion rates. The proven return on investment with email marketing has pushed more companies to double-down on the number of sends and creative designs toward consumers. Thus, email marketing efforts have overwhelmed consumer inboxes with each email containing a plethora of sales, images, and information, resulting in it all being ignored. Here’s how you can simplify your email marketing strategy to fit with consumers’ on-the-go lifestyle.

Minimize Distractions

Several studies demonstrate how incorporating GIFs, videos, and images have resulted in higher click-through rates. However, it’s important not to overdo it. Using too many GIFs, videos, and images slows down load time and causes the shopper to move on. The studies demonstrating shorter attention spans have been proven, so limit the number of visuals and get to the point.

Don’t Ask For Too Much

It’s important to know as much as we can about our segmented audiences in order to deliver hyper-relevant ads and emails. However, when it comes to initially capturing email addresses, asking for too much information can prevent engagement altogether. Focus on growing your email list by offering an incentive in return (free trials, percentage off, etc.). As you nurture your audience with specific and valuable information, study their behavior to determine their interests and your next moves.

Be Specific

Window shopping behavior has prompted consumers to react to binary decisions. Multi-tab shopping to compare a specific product to another has become increasingly common in a shopper’s journey. Through email marketing, display specific products that have demonstrated an increase in popularity to the relatable audiences.


To prevent shoppers from becoming overwhelmed due to more aggressive email marketing efforts, simplify your message by getting straight to the point, don’t ask for too much information in the initial email capture, and highlight specific products rather than categories. By simplifying your email marketing strategy, you’ll experience an increase in conversion rates, and your shoppers will continue with their on-the-go life.

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