Email Marketing – What the Facts are Telling You

On a week over week basis, common email marketing metrics are reviewed in hopes of providing insight into exactly how your customers or prospective customers are receiving your messages and if there are any tell-tale signs of what the problems are.

Once someone signs up for the newsletter form on your site, typically they are immediately placed in an onboarding drip, welcome series, or similarly named campaign. As email marketers, week over week, we look at these numbers and look for trends that develop. By changing out different variables in the emails through split testing, we’re able to determine what interests our list.

After a significant amount of data has been collected, these numbers don’t change dramatically from week to week basis.

For several newer (and some old) companies determining the proper price point has proven to be a real struggle. Price too high and your potential customer may seek out a competitor where even a few dollars less expensive may make a difference. Price too low and the customer might value the product as lower quality when even in reality they could just be getting a bargain.

With one-off email campaigns we’re able to narrow in and find out what the customer is looking for. When launching a new product, there are a few different options that can help you determine the price sensitivity (or insensitivity) of your customer base. With subject lines, you have the option to present the price right off the bat or just present the new product. If it’s at a price point that may be lower than what they’re used to, it could be a good idea to share it. If it’s a bit higher, perhaps just present what sets this product apart and intrigue the customer to open the email and learn more.

Based on these findings, you can develop future emails in a similar fashion. If you find that option B without the price listed is better received by the customers, think deeper about what this means. With this price point, you’re already neglecting a portion of your once highly interested email list. For these people who potentially have been active on the site or with previous emails, build a segment and target these people with a promotion to see if a 10 percent promotion will get them to go deeper in the conversion funnel.

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