Email Mistakes (Everyone Makes Them) & How to Fix Them

By October 10, 2016Email Marketing

In a perfect world, mistakes wouldn’t happen but we’re all human and when they happen we have to determine the best way to fix them. In this article, I’ll go into different quality assurance steps to be aware of and what to do when email mistakes happen.

After wireframing, designing, and coding comes the process of QA’ing and integrating your email. During this phase, there are several different steps that come into place, some of which include checking links, alt tags, and spell check (seems crazy but, it’s necessary).

Deciding where to direct your customers from your email could be just as important as the content of the email itself. Typically we want to drive the recipients as deep into the funnel as possible – in most cases the product display page. If you have a high SKU count sending the potential customer to the home page where there are several different categories, it can seem overwhelming and the user may bounce (leave the page right away).

Almost everyone has been in a situation where for whatever reason the internet isn’t working or images are blocked by their email provider and they open an email full of white boxes. This is where alt text (alternative text) plays a huge roll in the QA process. With alt text, you can let the user know the message you’re trying to convey by entering a few short words depicting what the message would be illustrating. This is a key step for keeping those people who’ve already shown interest by opening the email engaged with your message.

Last but definitely not least is a spell check. By the time that the email is ready to go out you’ve probably had your eyes on it a dozen or more times. Having a fresh pair of eyes can help bring to light something that may have been glazed over.

When the time comes that a mistake is made (which it inevitably will), owning up to your actions is the best way to show your recipients that you’re only human. As soon as the mistake is realized a quick follow up email with an “OOPS” subject line will help get the right message across and chances are your customers won’t waste time looking at the original message.

Ultimately, the time you spend wireframing and designing your email campaign should be replicated during the QA process to ensure that when the time comes to hit send, you know that you’ve covered all your bases.

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