Use Emojis to Take Your Twitter Game to the Next Level

By August 11, 2017Social Media

Since Twitter first exploded onto the social networking scene in 2006, the platform has drastically changed the way we absorb and pass along information. As Twitter becomes more of a staple in the news realm, being the first to break the news is no longer in the hands of the reporters, but rather in the hands of the people. Eyewitnesses at the scene of an event are now the first responders, the first to give the world a 140-character glimpse into the now.

While Twitter continues to break and re-mold the structure of modern communication at an alarmingly fast pace, the platform is also giving businesses innovative ways to reach their audiences. Tailoring messaging and content to audiences is always considered a best practice in marketing, and Twitter now offers a new way to target audiences: emojis! 😀 

Let’s face it, we all have friends who are a little too enthusiastic when it comes to emoji-usage. Whether it’s a tweet or a text, it seems as though the human race is stepping back in time and communicating with hieroglyphics. Luckily for brands, all of those winky faces, eggplants, thumbs ups, and piles of poop can now be used to trigger ads across the Twittersphere!

With emoji targeting, Taco Bell can target individuals who liberally use the taco emoji (🌮) while REI can target those tweeting emoji’s of mountains (🗻), tents (⛺️), and fishing )🎣). While we’re at it, Charmin could even target all of those piles of poop (💩)  stinking up your Twitter feed. With over 110 billion emoji’s tweeted since 2014, this is sure to give online advertisers something to smile about! 😀

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