The Most Engaging Olympic Ads Brought a Smile to our Faces

By September 12, 2016Content Marketing

The Olympics may be over, but while athletes still bask in their Olympics gold, some companies are also celebrating wins with their engaging Olympic ads and influential marketing campaigns.

The metrics this year go beyond just views of a commercial during a live broadcast. Realeyes and Lucid, a U.S. emotion measurement firm, went a step further with their study by focusing on 66 ads from Olympic and Team USA sponsors and measuring the response from 4,500 people via webcams, according to Marketing Tech News.

During the study, Realeyes and Lucid focused on emotional engagement and monitored how 49 key facial points moved during viewing.

Taking the gold was, no surprise, gymnast Simone Biles who was featured in Hershey’s “Hello from Home” commercial. Biles and Hershey scored better than 92.5 percent of ads ever measured by Realeyes, according to the study.

The top five most engaging Olympic ads:

Coming in last? Head & Shoulders with their commercial featuring David Boudia preparing for the Rio Olympics. It not only scored the worst out of all the Olympic ads but was also in the bottom seven percent of all ads measured by Realeyes, according to the study.

In a separate study by video ad tech company Unruly, they tested engagement on Olympics ads by measuring how often they were shared across social media platforms.

Coming in second was Under Armor featuring Michael Phelps in “Rule Yourself,” which was shared 473,635 times, and in third was P&G’s “Thank You, Mom,” which was shared 200,913 times, according to the study.

While traditional TV metrics are still important, this could be the start of using emotion-based measurements and social shareability to direct video content.

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