Why is Everything Going Live?

By December 26, 2016Social Media, Strategy

Have you been casually bothered by that annoying notification that @IAMJOHNNY from your hometown on Facebook has gone live? I sure have, and it has been a major trigger for me! Not only on Facebook, but I get these notifications on Instagram on the daily as well! It’s no secret that Facebook and Instagram are pushing for their live video function and we must find out why.

I blame fake news! Yup, your favorite wholesome fake news. Everyone this past year was affected by it in some way, and it either favored them or caused them a lot of unnecessary misery. It caused me misery – that’s for sure! I am now more proactive about where I read my news and how it is distributed. Seeing a news channel or brand go live gives them more credibility and it makes it feel authentic. Video and photo content, especially interviews and advertisements, are heavily edited and staged. They are very hard to relate to and lose people’s interest. When someone streams live video, it’s more stripped back and raw. It allows you to connect with them on a human level and makes it seem more believable and relatable.

Facebook and other social media outlets are going to keep pushing live video because of its major advantage of being transparent and allowing people not to question the ads and content. It is a brand new way to reach your audience without restrictions or being fake. For example, the Dakota Access Pipeline protests were a great example of why Facebook live is poppin’. Celebrities and activists alike were able to show what was really going down in real time. People stopped reading biased articles and tuned into the real thing. Here is one of the videos where Shailene Woodley (celebrity/activist) went live, which drew a lot of attention and awareness to the cause: View it here! 

I know we don’t need to opt into @IAMJOHNNY eating his top ramen live all the time, but I will definitely be tuned into my favorite journalists and brands going live to help me be more well informed!

Live video: The end of fake news (hopefully)!

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