Exploits Of A Startup Newb

For the majority of my “professional” life I have worked for either medium sized or larger companies.  One thing has always remained true in all of my prior work experiences: people have their specific roles and they tend to stick to them.  When I worked for a large corporate sales company, my role consisted of making 60 calls a day, reaching my 3 hours of talk time with clients and hitting my monthly sales goals.  Nothing more, nothing less.  It was very cut and dry and truthfully, this became monotonous very quickly.

I have always had the desire to work for a startup company.  Now that I’m at Hawke Media, a thriving digital marketing startup, I have the opportunity and leisure to create my own deliverables and execute on my own behalf.  In all honesty, at first I was lured in by the perks that the startup atmosphere has to offer: the seemingly laid-back atmosphere, younger staff and opportunity for growth. In addition to all of the outwardly apparent laid-back culture, I have always heard that most startup companies also require a heavy work ethic and will do anything to get things done at a high rate.  Boy were they right!  On my first day of work, I was informed that my position would mainly entail assisting the CEO with emails and incidental tasks, but as time went on, the role quickly expanded.  I truthfully wish that my first role out of school had been at a startup.  The startup atmosphere can truly mold a person into a smarter and more effective worker.

The greatest thing I have learned so far, working for a successful startup company, is that we are all capable of working harder.  Startups have so much to offer and this mentality is 100% necessary.  Instead of just doing what is required of me, I am actually pushing myself to go above and beyond.  The pace is fast, and the days are long. But they go by way faster than the standard 8 hour shift.

For any of you out there that have the opportunity to pursue a career at a startup agency, I recommend you do it, especially if you are fresh out of school.  Startup companies are an amazing place to expand your personal and professional skills. Those clients you work so hard for are key to growing that company.  And when your company is succeeding, you are succeeding.

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