Four Weeks on Silicon Beach

After years of viewing Apple, Ebay, Facebook, Linkedin, and hundreds of other tech companies, through a looking glass my career brought me to the Alice in Wonderland-esque world of Silicon Beach’s tech & e-commerce start-ups.

Known as “Silicon Beach”, Los Angeles’ Westside is home to over 500 aspiring tech and e-commerce companies all competing for stage funding. Venture capital firms are betting that the next big tech innovation is currently somewhere on the beach.

My career brought me to this strange beach town. As the head strategist for an innovative digital agency, I am finally in the middle of the biggest tech and e-commerce movement anywhere. Saying that we are flying by the seat of our pants would be a gross understatement.

Two months ago I told all who would listen that, “I desire to apart of something great.” I interviewed with top 20 Internet retailers and technology leaders. Some pursued me with offers of glory if I would only become a cog in their machines.

Four weeks ago Tony Delmercado and Erik Huberman pushed me through the high-tech rabbit hole.

On the other side my new world seemed magically filled with de-constructed entrepreneurs pursuing de-constructed dreams with brilliant, not novel, ideas. However, don’t get it twisted: the reality is that this is no fantasy world. Behind the scenes it is high-pressure and high-stakes. As a marketer with great ability, I have an even greater responsibility to do all I can to guide these bright companies to success.

So far I am being exposed to the next big social app, crowd-sourced real estate lender, a well-established disruptive IT saas, a Fortune 500 security app, a Vegan meal delivery business, Vegan protein leaders, fashion icon’s season boxes and a number of edgy e-commerce fashion businesses. The list goes on…

Four weeks on Silicon Beach is like three years in the corporate world. But I would not trade it for anything in the outside world!

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