The Future of Google AdWords

The current landscape of Google Adwords is focused on what keywords are being entered, not the personality behind the keyboard. As artificial intelligence begins to take a more dominant stance in the world of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Google Adwords, the attention to users demographics and website activities will slowly diminish. The path Google Adwords will take in the future is unknown, but one thing is certain: it is exciting.

Personalized Search Results Between Desktop and Tablet

Brennan Mack, Director of Paid Searches at SEO Inc., believes that due to the trajectory of artificial intelligence “results must be highly personalized and even predictive” (Future of Everything). This level of personalization may even go as far as to account for one’s tones and mannerisms when using voice features to search on a tablet. The new plethora of data, such as voice, is due to the decline of desktops. As tablet conversions surpass desktops, information will continue to become available about the end user. In hopes of continuing to increase accuracy and attention to the consumer, it should not come as a surprise if Google AdWords bidding becomes separated for tablets and desktops. (WordStream).

The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to the expected leaps and bounds of Artificial Intelligence, consumer preferences will be targeted like never before. Advertisers will learn consumer’s habits, preferences, and true needs. Resulting from the staggering increase in information and accuracy from Google AdWords, Pay-Per-Click should become more profitable and effective. Companies will have access to a consumer’s future needs and wants, rather than relying on advertising to preferences that may have already been satisfied by other companies. The new consumer to company relationship established through Google AdWords should create a mutually beneficial relationship that is revolutionary to e-commerce.

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