The Future of Email Marketing—“The Most Future Proof Channel”

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Email marketing, as opposed to other mediums of marketing, in the future, will be much more dependable, competitive and advanced. In recent years, there has been a shift towards mobile engagement and we can only expect this trend to grow.  This inherent shift in mobile will make it so that the majority of emails being opened will be on mobile devices and not on desktop. Marketing towards mobile will become the default for marketers. In fact, email marketing has been referred to as the “most future proof channel” (Litmus).

More and more, marketers will need to compete for the “mobile inbox” and make certain that all emails are catered towards the mobile platform in order to engage users. This is in part because more applications similar to will be used by consumers and integrated into inboxes in order to streamline and organize “junk mail” in the inbox. Generic blasts will no longer have a place in the inbox; users will be able to unsubscribe or be able to specify that they are no longer interested through the application. Further, these applications, through machine learning, can gauge a user’s preferences and behavior. Regarding the future of content within email, emails will need to become even more interactive, so much so, that some predict that an email will not even “feel” like an email; it may feel and resemble something more similar to an app.

It is up for debate whether or not video content in email will become the norm in the future or that it will even be a dependable form of content. Some experts believe all emails will contain video content in the future, while some believe that video content in emails serves to distract rather than engage and inform. It is also believed that HTML needs to be improved in order to support video in email. Many experts do agree though that the future of email will make it so that subscribers can convert within the email. That is, email will not just be a way to steer consumers to a shop, but rather email will become a vital part of the e-commerce shopping experience; much more like an app. Customers can now do all they need to do within the email including following social channels and reading blogs. While the face of email today is very different than it was ten years ago, we can expect even greater changes in the next decade.

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