How to Get Creative With Your Cover Photo

By November 18, 2016Creative

Your social media cover photo can say a lot about you or your company. Along with your profile picture, it is the first thing a person sees when making the choice to view your profile. So that cover photo is going to become a part of said person’s first impression of you at least in a digital space, and in those first couple seconds, they will form a first opinion of you.

A cover photo can really be anything – a picture of you and your dog, a picture of you at the beach, etc. These types of photos serve their purpose well, but they don’t set your profile apart from the rest. So assuming your goal is to create something unique for yourself then these tips might help.


1) Figure out how your cover photo will display on the desktop and on mobile.

Obviously, different sized screens will affect how your photos are displayed. On most desktops, the cover photo will display at 851 pixels x 315 pixels. On mobile, they display at 640 pixels x 360 pixels.

2) Where should I place the important content in my photo?

Say you have a panoramic shot with you close to the edge of the photo. Chances are most mobile phones are going to crop you out. This is especially important for cover photos with text. The rule of thumb is to keep all your important content in the middle of your photo so that it will display properly on both platforms. Place it too low and your profile picture will cover it, too far to the side and it may get cropped.


3) How can I make my cover photo creative?

There are endless options to make your profile unique. Some people choose to set up their profile picture and cover photo to align as one image. This is always really fun and creative, but one thing to note is that this only really only works on a desktop and the illusion is ruined on mobile.

I like to keep my two images consistent, but separate. The photos use the same style or are from the same photoshoot, but do not form one whole image. This makes my profile unique and, in simple terms, it just looks nice.


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