Does Google AdWords Make Sense for Your Business?

At some point, the majority of businesses will consider whether search engine marketing (SEM) through Google AdWords is a good fit for them. Advertisers are expected to spend $28.5 billion on Google in 2017, so it’s clearly working for some companies. Search engine marketing can be an effective tool for driving high-quality traffic to your business. The question is: will it work for yours? Below are some ideas to help you consider whether AdWords is a right fit for you.

Understand Search is Intent-Driven

One of the most attractive components of using AdWords is the ability to advertise to people searching on Google. This method of advertising is different because it is intent-driven rather than disruptive. When you advertise on a website or social media network, you are placing your advertisement among content a user is trying to consume. Therefore it is a disruptive experience. With search engine marketing, you place your advertisement after someone has performed the action of searching for something. When they search, they are displaying an intent. You can use this intent to deliver your content to the right audience.

If you have a product that people are already searching for, it would make sense to use AdWords. However, if you have a unique or obscure product that people aren’t be searching for, it would make sense to focus on disruptive marketing efforts.

Do Your Research

How do you know if people are searching for your product or service? Do keyword research and browse trends to discover more about people’s searches. When you create a free AdWords account, you will have access to a tool called Keyword Planner. You can use the keyword planner to discover how many people are searching for certain terms (called Volume), how competitive those terms are to bid on, and how much AdWords suggests you would bid for those terms. If you look up the terms relevant to your business, you can get a good idea how many people are searching and how costly it would be to start advertising.

Decision Time: Should You Use AdWords?

You’ve examined your products and found that people are be searching for them on Google. You’ve done the research and discovered there are terms that earn enough volume and fall within your budget. What’s next? It’s time to start testing. Start bidding on select keywords and slowly build up if you begin to see traction. If you properly research and manage your account, it could mean great things for your business!

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