Growing Your Customer Base and Keeping Them Engaged

By September 16, 2015Email Marketing

Congratulations! You’ve successfully been driving traffic to your site. Whether it be from organic search engine optimization, media buying or public relations campaigns, you’ve started to see an increase in the size of your email list. But now what do you do with those addresses you’ve collected?

You need to plan and execute a strategy that keeps those customers engaged. These customers are extremely valuable because they have already shown interest in your brand. Via a couple of digital techniques you can institute strategies to nurture the customers and turn first time buyers into repeat purchasers.

First it is important to have a built out a proper onboarding (email) drip. In this onboarding drip (or series of emails that a customer receives after entering their address on your site) you should feature some examples of what differentiates your brand versus the competition. These emails can include a highlight on your popular products, value propositions of the brand, or a feature on a particular social platform you utilize. All of which help to nurture the customer and keep your brand top of mind. Throughout the process you should maintain a series of unique offers to help drive your customers through the email cadence and ensure a healthy response rate.

After the onboarding drip has run its course you need to start getting creative. One technique is to run email promotions and ads highlighting certain products. This can be a great way to sell excess inventory, run a sale or highlight a particular SKU that hasn’t had the exposure it requires.

Another successful way to engage customers is with a little bit of friendly competition. Gamification, which is officially defined as: bringing aspects of game play to other areas of activity has become a popular strategy in the business world.  Everyone likes to play games and the mere act of rewarding the desired behavior makes the act of completion even more enjoyable. Gamification can be as simple as emailing past customers and asking them to share photos of themselves with your products on their social channels and holding a contest to reward the best photograph.

All this comes down to is incentives! Although you’ll always get those loyal customers who will share the products they love, you’re sure to get more engagement with a reward. Something as simple as choosing the winner to be highlighted on your site or receive a free product of choice will help raise engagement. With these competitions also come great exposure to your brand.

Finally, maintaining constant contact with your email base is the best way to ensure that your brand stays top of mind when a purchasing decision is being made. But it is important to  remember to communicate with the customer on their terms. For example if they want to receive emails once a week or once a month, send only once or twice a month. Respect their wishes and contact them on their terms.

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