Year of the Flash Mob: Using a 2014 Throwback to Boost Your Guerrilla Email Marketing

What exactly constitutes as guerrilla marketing? And does it work? Is Guerrilla Email Marketing a thing?

We are so caught up in the technological world that good old fashioned marketing has become somewhat of a foreign concept to most digital marketers. However, what if we combined the two and created a campaign that utilized both email marketing and guerrilla marketing? GENIUS.

To start, let’s define guerrilla marketing: innovative, unconventional, and low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product.

Now our goal is to execute the perfect strategy called “Guerrilla Email Marketing” ( MailChimp’s long lost cousin). Where do we start? Well, we need to make sure we cover the fundamentals of true guerrilla marketing, so it needs to draw attention—LOTS of attention. So what better way to do so than a good ol’ flash dance? Uhm, YES. I remember flash dances were all the rage in 2014 so let’s bring them back, but add some purpose.

  • We would need to orchestrate a group of dancers willing to participate, a.k.a. the Hawke Media squad.
  • Teach them a choreographed dance that is camera worthy. Choose someone who has an eye for viral content. Deniz (fellow email marketing team member) this is all YOU.
  • Choose a location with high foot traffic. Typically a town square, shopping mall, etc. Wear company attire to the performance to display branding.
  • Build an email signup form utilizing your email service provider (ESP) and have every dancer pull up the URL as a page waiting within their mobile phone’s browser.
  • Finish the performance by dispersing into the crowd. Yes, there will be a crowd—and ask people to subscribe to your email list to reveal the next secret location of the next flash dance.

And there you have it! Using guerrilla email marketing you’ve gained new email subscribers that definitely won’t forget your brand. And if they refuse to subscribe? At least you just put out the flashiest form of brand recognition FOR FREE.

Here are some of my favorite flash dances of all time:

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