5 Ways that Guerrilla Marketing can Benefit your Facebook Ad Campaign

Often at times, clients think that just because they are launching a Facebook Ad Campaign for their e-commerce brand that there is no need for any sort of guerrilla marketing efforts. In fact, companies often rely solely on paid media altogether. However, there are actually a ton of benefits to implementing guerrilla marketing tactics while running an e-commerce Facebook Ad campaign. Here are some of the ways it can complement your campaign:

Create earned media that can be referenced in the ads

One of the top benefits of guerrilla marketing is the amount of press it can generate for the company. Often at times, endorsements and press references provide great copy and creative for ads. In this day and age where people depend on Amazon and Google reviews before choosing to purchase a product, press references in ads often provide the type of social proof that consumers look for when deciding if they should purchase a product.

Grow your organic traffic thus creating more opportunity for retargeting

One of the common misconceptions about retargeting is that the retargeting ads can only target people who were brought in from the ads. This is actually untrue. Retargeting ads can target anyone who visits the client’s website as long as that person is logged into their Facebook account. Guerrilla marketing can create more organic traffic, thus creating a larger audience pool for retargeting (where most conversions tend to happen).

Content can be re-purposed for ads

With Facebook ads needing to be refreshed quite often, clients will often find that they are running out of assets to use in the ads. Guerrilla marketing can help to “kill two birds with one stone.” You can use it to create innovative and fun marketing efforts, while also using the content to tell a story in your Facebook carousels, or even for a video ad.

Low cost can open up more budget allocation for your ads

Due to guerrilla marketing often being the cheaper alternative in marketing, using it can also free up marketing budget for your Facebook ads or any other marketing efforts that you’d like to implement. With how expensive Facebook ads and paid media can be, you should be trying to free up funds wherever you can!

Increased brand awareness opens up other paid media successes

The final way that guerrilla marketing can benefit your Facebook ad campaign is probably a way that it will benefit many aspects of your business. Guerrilla marketing ultimately acts as a form of brand awareness, and truthfully, brand awareness is one of the many X-factors in the success of your business. You never know who might decide to share a Facebook ad post or tag their friend in it because they saw one of your other guerrilla marketing efforts somewhere else!

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