Guerrilla Marketing — Take Your Marketing to the Streets!

In the world of marketing, the types of strategies for reaching consumers are ever evolving and changing. Companies of all types and sizes are fine-tuning the perfect marketing mix for them. Today, everything from traditional media, such as newspapers and magazine ads, to digital marketing, such as Facebook ads and influencer outreach, is available to brands. And many companies are now looking into “non-traditional” routes of marketing, such as guerrilla marketing, to have a greater impact when distributing their message.

On the non-traditional side of things, guerrilla marketing is a low cost, disruptive, and impactful way of promoting your brand, product, or service. This form of marketing is derived from the term “guerrilla warfare” in which “the little guy” uses unconventional tactics to win against their opponent. Similarly, in marketing, guerrilla campaigns catch the public’s attention and typically does so in a very creative and unconventional way—something different than traditional or even digital marketing.

In this white paper, we’ll outline different guerrilla marketing tactics, best practices, and tips to create the right call-to-action to measure your campaign’s success.

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