Guerrilla Media Companies and the Birth of Niche Live Video Content

Creating robust live video content that could be created and distributed at a remotely affordable rate was once a dream. Until recently, live streaming was reserved for the likes of the media giants: NBC, ABC, Disney, etc. The barrier to enter the real-time video game meant that viewers looking for the latest information were constrained to very few choices.

This resulted in the media companies we’re most familiar with creating moderate content that appealed to the largest audiences. A similar environment was created in the publishing industry, where only a few national newspapers dominated the headlines.

If you’re at all familiar with the current state of traditional publishing, the disruptive nature of the internet has dismantled their hold on content distribution. Newspapers are on their way out. This same trend has now begun to take hold of media companies.

Live entertainment, whose high barrier to entry made incumbents once immune to disruption, has now been democratized. The effects are being seen all over the place. From Facebook vs. live streaming pay-per-view content to The Ringer creating a left-leaning sports and pop culture live internet show, we can find up-to-date content in almost any niche we’re interested in.

While these video content providers can be considered guerrilla in that they’re produced far leaner than traditional live video, it’s important to understand that they’ll quickly move from being ‘guerrilla’ to simply ‘commonplace.’

As content creators take up arms to stream video, more and more content will be available, and the less valuable traditional TV will become. In a sense, live video on the internet will replace TV in the same way that online publishing has replaced newspapers. Facebook has recently disclosed they’re building an app for Apple TV, so all that weird content people are creating will soon not look any different than Saturday Night Live.

How can this information be applied

It’s always good to tie these high-level trends into some actionable tasks for budding young companies. The truth is that everyone is a content creator nowadays. Some aspect of content creation should be baked into your business model, whether it be creating landing pages for search engine optimization (SEO) or podcasts for customer relationships. Live video is simply another way to create those relationships but in a new impactful way. Finding ways to integrate your company’s value propositions into compelling live content dramatically increases the ceiling of your potential audience.

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