Your Guide to Disruptive Social Ads

Most social ads today revolve around a series of product shots or lifestyle photos. While they may be aesthetically appealing individually, they fail to stand out in the ultra-competitive stock photography world. And better yet, they often fail to relay the brand identity of your business. It begs the question: how do you make your social ads stand out and acquire the engagement you need to help your business grow? One solution is disruptive social ads.

What is Disruption?

Disruption is what you expect. It is applying visual creativity to your advertisements in a way that is different than what everyone else is doing. However, this can prove more difficult for some brands than others.

How Do I Apply This to My Brand?

The first step is to look at what assets you have to work with. These can include your brand’s colors, typography guidelines, photography, video, etc. If you have a very bright brand color, use that. This is going to immediately draw attention to your ads.

Disruptive Marketing Still Image Example

Another example is to apply motion to your ads. People generally engage more with video. So if you have good video assets be sure to implement those into to your social ads. If you don’t have good video content, consider using motion graphics. This allows you to explain the process and story behind your product or service.

Disruptive Social Ad with Heal Example

Combining disruptive imagery with well thought out concepts and strategies will go a long way in consumers engaging with your advertisements. So give it a try and make your ads really stand out!

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