Hawke Charities

At Hawke We aim to help our community. Whether through charitable giving, or volunteering our time, we know that it is important to make a difference not only in the business world, but in the world as a whole. If you are interested in Hawke helping your charity, fill out the form below.

Hawke Artists

Hawke Media is highlighting the work of local and national artists alike through our #hawkeart visual artist program. This unique exchange allows artists to create a custom-made piece of visual art for the Hawke Media office, in exchange for marketing consulting and a website built specifically for them by the Hawke team.

Blake Jamieson

Joan Allen

Paint the World

Isabelle Alford

Luke Lamar

Patrick Carney

Wyatt Mills

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Interested in creating a piece of visual art for Hawke or having us support your cause? Reach out below and we will be in touch!