Hawke Media Gets ‘Back to Nature,’ Relocates to Utah

EDEN, Utah (April 1, 2017) — Welcome to Utah! Hawke Media is pleased to announce they will be relocating their office from Santa Monica, Calif., to Eden, Utah, effective Mon., April 3, 2017.

The relocation is a strategic move mostly motivated by finances because, let’s be honest, rent costs a “f#$%ing lot” in Santa Monica, said Tony Delmercado, chief operating officer at Hawke Media.

“We’ve been paying, like, a bajillion dollars for rent and for what? So we can listen to cars honking on the 10 every day?” Delmercado said. “This move will save us a TON of money and also allow our staff to get back to nature and get those creative juices flowing.”

Hawke Media purchased a 5.5-acre lot in Eden for only $450,000. Until their new office space is built, the team will be working out of RVs.

As part of the relocation and “get back to nature” plan, Hawke Media, a digital marketing agency that launches and grows businesses of all sizes, will also be abandoning all digital efforts and instead going a more traditional route.

“I was really inspired by the landscape and mountains around Utah and wanted Hawke Media to begin embracing that ‘back to nature’ feel with our marketing efforts,” said Erik Huberman, chief executive officer at Hawke Media.

“We’re going to start taking a more ‘retro’ approach by focusing our efforts on fireside radio chats, special newspaper inserts, phonebook advertisements, branded Rolodexes, and more.

To learn more about Hawke Media, or to save 20 percent on your next fireside radio chat, please send a handwritten letter to: Hawke Media, 123 Campstool Road, Eden, Utah 84310.


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P.S. This is also an April Fool’s Joke! =)

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