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By November 12, 2013Influencer Marketing

I have found that influencer marketing is becoming more and more the most important part of marketing a product. It is that “juice” behind word of mouth that has influencers and brand personalities talking about your product. Inherently, when this happens you get:

  • Sales
  • External Validation
  • Social Proof
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Branding
  • Countless other benefits

So how do you get the influencers in your demographic to use your product and talk about it?

Well, the beautiful thing is, a huge shift has happened in the space.

Historically, the best way to do this was to get a celebrity endorsement. This happened three ways:

  1. You paid them a lot of money.
  2. You had a very good friend.
  3. You sent them/they found your product and you got lucky.

The great thing now, though, is there is another category of influencers that are heavier drivers, but also easier to reach. These are social influencers.  From bloggers to Facebook pages to Pinterest personalities to Instagram icons, these people are usually managing their influence on the side of a normal day job or being a parent, and yet they have been found to drive much more direct sales, validation, and every other benefit than just getting an A-list celebrity.

So how do you get these influencers?

I actually went about it a little differently.  I started an agency for influencers at where we have about 3,000 influencers signed up in all different categories.  Now I can use that for my own products as well as work with other brands on their outreach. This allowed me to use all the best technologies that can cost thousands of dollars per month at scale for multiple brands.

If you want to do it yourself, the best thing to do is hire someone full time (even an intern) that all they do is reach out to influencers. You need to arm them with the right ammo to entice influencers, though. The standard practice at this point is to give them something to review and a commission on sales that is tracked through unique links and cookies.

The thing to think about, and what we have been managing for brands at MTA, is that these influencers get offers all the time.  If your goal is to get the most bloggers possible, setting your offer apart is extremely important.  Whether you pay just for the post, offer other incentives, or pay in a different structure. Depending on what your business will allow, it is important to try to be creative.

Why is it such a good channel?

I have learned that this is the most important channel for introducing a product. With any product, if you have someone blog about it, post it on their social channels, and push their friends to get it, and even the smallest influencer can’t get a sale, on average, you have a much more fundamental problem. Assuming you have 50 percent margins on your product (which if you ever hope to wholesale, you better), then with that assumption in mind, you can’t lose with this channel.

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