How To Be Iconic with Your Social Icons

When you look at most brands you will notice that there is nothing very special about their social media icons aside from maybe a color change or a circle around it. Almost all social icons looks something like this:

Obviously, there is no clear visual identity, and every icon is competing for your attention. When I see this, I have no intent on exploring that brand’s social profiles because I am subconsciously being led to believe that the company in question has no personal identity. And so, if I don’t see any personal identity in their icons, why would I expect any quality personal content in their profiles?

So, how can you overcome this problem with your brand? The answer is in the question—look to your brand. Your visual branding is your identity. It is a consistent representation of what kind of company or person you are.


Creating your social icons takes that one step further. It shows that you are so passionate about who you are that you are even willing to put a bit of yourself into something as small a 16x16px graphic.

In summary, this subconsciously connects with your audience and intrigues them into exploring your profiles because they make the connection that even your social icons have a personality so your profiles must have that same quality.

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