How to Improve Your Brand Assets

By April 25, 2017Creative

A lot of times clients will come to us with a current brand, product, or style, and engage with us to optimize and improve all those aspects of their company. Here are some simple ways to quickly improve brand assets and design that creates better engagement with customers:

Trim The Verbose-osity

Too often brands are so excited about what they offer that they put everything under the sun in their design. Don’t be deceived. Simple, focused, bits of text are much more engaging for your customers. Many tests have shown that people read with their peripheral vision when using a web page, meaning they scan quickly for things they can quickly understand. What this means for brands is to keep headings short, large sized, centered on a single idea, and written with the conclusion in mind, leading to more detail below on the body copy.

When in Doubt, Use Whitespace

Another seductive habit for companies is to put their brand assets all over their designs. Overlays of the branding or patterned background can cause a cacophony of distraction for viewers and make even small bits of information hard to digest. Whitespace is a very underutilized tool. Giving ample room for the text to breathe and have its own space allows the viewer to quickly scan and understand what they’re viewing and flow from section to section. In some cases, less is more!

Put Your 64 Pack of Crayolas Away—We Just Need One Marker

Color is also a great deceiver. The more you have the better, right? When you have too many different colors, you create the potential of clashing and creating confusion. They think things with similar colors are related when in actuality you just like that color and wanted to put it everywhere. The better thing to do is go monotone. Grab one color and get excited to see how great design can be so simple. If you use a blue, use the normal color, a darker version, a lighter version, and a grayish white, and a black. Reserving a contrasting orange for calls-to-action (CTA) will create a cohesive identity for your brand.

Set Remember Your Goal

You always want to design with your goal in mind. If you’re promoting a new product, make sure the information for the discount code is big and legible, and the CTA is large. If you just want to inform, then have a place for them to go to learn more. This sounds very simple, but it can be easily forgotten. Too many times I see client’s homepages with just information about their product, when they should really put a button that says “Buy now!” This reminds the customer, “Hey I should buy this!” They may or may not always follow through with the sale, but it’s the first step in creating engagement.

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