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Here at Hawke Media we like to keep a finger on the pulse. Here’s the best of what’s happening in Influencer Marketing world, this month (so far) and our takeaways.

40 Pros Share Tips for Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns

In this article: The Shelf, a marketplace that connects brands with bloggers, asks 40 marketers for their insights into running effective influencer campaigns. Full infographic here

The takeaway: Influencer marketing is far from being a traditional defined discipline. Brands often struggle to identify the proper influencers and how to utilize them. In addition, once they do identify them, they struggle handing over creative control to these same influencers.

Rebuttal: Technology is crucial for effective influencer marketing

In this article: Holly Hamann, Co-Founder and CMO of TapInfluence, writes in response to VentureBeat’s article, Technology is never the most important element in Influencer Marketing. In the article, the author asserts that scalability and creativity can coexist.

The takeaway: Technology is crucial and valuable in influencer campaigns. Effective technology does not minimize creativity, on the contrary it gives the marketer and influencer the proper tools to distribute and bring in the revenue needed to justify the expense.

Influencer marketing campaigns generated impressive results in H1 2015

In this article: You’ll read statistics that show how effective influencer marketing is. The average earned media value (EMV) from influencer marketing programs was 1.4 times higher in H1, 2015 than the overall average in entire year 2014.

The takeaway: Over the past couple of years, marketers have seen success with influencers and the effectiveness continue to grow in 2015. For example: Instagram has the strongest social amplification rate of any other network, due primarily to the simplicity and ease of use.

Get Smart on Influencer Marketing ROI

In this article: As with any proper marketing tactic, an ROI is expected. The question becomes how do you measure the ROI with influencer marketing campaigns? This article offered three strong tips for creating a successful marketing ROI with your influencer marketing campaigns. These tips are to: align objectives and tactics, aim small, miss small and measure success over longer arcs of time.

The Takeaway: The gains from investment in influencer marketing programs can be difficult to quantify. This is primarily because things like brand share, impressions, social engagement, customer acquisition, content reach, etc. are not lagging metrics. Consequently, before engaging in any influencer marketing campaign it is important to align goals, prioritize tactics, focus on a specific audience and measure success over longer arcs of time.

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