Influencer Campaigns: Eliminate the Surprises

Planning, paying attention to details, and free flowing communication are all extremely important for individuals running a  marketing campaign, but it is even more crucial when your marketing services are outsourced to an agency.

Influencer outreach campaigns are an excellent way to raise a brand’s awareness for your target audience and gain creditability.  While the concept is simple, the campaign itself is a bit more complex because the agency needs to keep the brand happy and as well as the influencers they represent.

From a company’s standpoint here are a few crucial things to bear in mind when embarking on an influencer outreach campaign:

  • Expectations — What is the brand’s expectations on the campaign?  What type of influencers do they see reviewing their product?  What is the expected following for each influencer to have?
  • Cost — Breaking down the cost of the entire campaign is a good way to ensure there are no surprises on each end:
    — Payout for influencers
    — How much the product costs
    — Shipping
    — Agency fees
    — Prizes and giveaways
  • People sometimes won’t like your product — This is OK because we ask our influencers not to post if they don’t like something.
  • Price point of product — Are you giving these influencers a product to review that is expensive?  Take that into account when you are giving the agency a number for influencers to recruit.
  • Don’t piss off the influencers — So now that your brand has been introduced to a lot of influencers don’t piss then off.  Sounds easy, right?  Because who wants a herd of angry influencers running amuck on social media about how your brand screwed them over?  If you have made a commitment, stick with it. Follow through is the bottom line.  Remember they have been chosen based on their influence on their followers and the last thing you want is a bunch of negative reviews. 

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