What Do Influencers Have To Do With Email?

We’re so used to seeing influencers on our Instagram feed, interrupting the typical posts we’re used to seeing from our favorite brands. But when an influencer is modeling the latest and greatest clothing line, we feel much closer to the brand, as if it’s one of our good friends or idols showing off their new purchase.

When influencer marketing works, we are influenced by this modern day, relatable celebrities. We start to follow their social channels, and we really engulf their lifestyle and are subconsciously influenced by what they are saying about the products they look so fabulous in.

But influencers don’t just make an impact on social media.

It’s important to have a digital presence in every possible channel because it takes an average of 6 to 8 touch points before converting a potential customer. That means someone might:

  1. See a Facebook ad
  2. Come back to your website
  3. Submit an email address and receive an email
  4. Come back to the website
  5. See an Instagram ad
  6. Come back to your website

All of this can happen before they make their first purchase. Reread the touch points above a couple more times because it’s extremely important to let that sink in and understand how different channels all work together.

Now that we understand what a possible conversion path looks like, let’s get back to the central question here: What do influencers have to do with email? The answer should be a little more clear to you now.

If we are so heavily influenced by influencers on our social media, we are just as influenced when we see our favorite influencer in our favorite clothing brand in an email. See influencer @SincerelyJules in this Soludos email. She makes those shoes relatable to me, the average consumer, and I’m now more inclined to complete my purchase with Soludos.

Third party validation is such an important piece of marketing because people are more likely to buy something when they have their friends’ approval, and that’s how influencers can play a major role in any marketing campaign. Whether it’s a Facebook ad, an Instagram post, or even an email, influencers (when in the right industry and with the appropriate demographic) positively impact your customer in converting to a sale.

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