Unfortunately, Influencer Marketing Is Forever

Just now, you saw “Influencer” in the title, and I hope it made your skin crawl as much as it makes mine. As a marketer, it’s humiliating. First of all, I work hard. I work really, really hard to make sure that my advertisements are reaching as perfect and correct of an audience as I can. So, you can imagine how much it hurts my feelings when I read that influencer marketing has a higher return on investment than other forms of digital media.

The truth is that while social media is an incredible tool for engagement, it can also be a battlefield, riddled with pitfalls and landmines for many brands. A recent study revealed that the engagement ratio per brand on Instagram decreased by more than 25 percent. From my perspective, the extra knife-twist from seeing that is that more than likely, the reason for this decline is the increase in paid Facebook or Instagram ads. The more that advertisers use a channel, the less value ads on that channel will have. It’s a self-cannibalizing industry.

That’s where influencer marketing comes in. Even with all the recent influencer snafus and Federal Trade Commission warnings, when used properly, influencer marketing will continue to be the most cost-effective way to achieve brand social media engagement when, after your third or fourth creative refresh, you realize that your brand is plateauing.

I’m not saying to jump ship and pause all your Facebook ads. I’m saying that when your paid social media campaigns start to get stale, you might need to go that influencer route… As much as that pains me to admit.

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